What is Edig@s?
Edig@s designates the EDI solution that is recommended by the EASEE-gas/Edig@s workgroup
for the information exchange between partners in the gas sector.

Is Edig@s a special form of syntax?
Edig@s is not a special form of syntax. The Edig@s specifications make use of the internationally recognised information interchange standards. The most widely used of these is the UN/EDIFACT standard. Per Version 4 of Edigas the use of XML electronic documents are also supported.

What does Edigas version 5 cover?
Edigas covers 8 basic information exchange processes:

  • General guidelines (0. General Messages guidelines)
  • Trade Process (1. Capacity Trading Process and 2. Gas Trading Process)
  • Transport Process (3.Nomination and Matching Process)
  • Settlement Process (4. Settlement Process)
  • Balancing Process (5. Balancing Process)
  • Transparency Process (6. Transparency Process)
  • Facility setting Process (7. Facility setting Process)
  • General Service Processes (8. General Service Processes)

Each of these processes are covered by the use of a specific set of messages.

What does Edigas version 4 cover?
Edigas covers 4 basic information exchange processes:

  • The purchase phase
  • The transport phase
  • The allocation phase
  • The settlement phase

Each of these phases are covered by the use of a specific set of messages.

Where can I obtain the process flow details?
The process flow details are available in section VIII of the current Edigas release.

Where can I obtain the Edig@s standard?
The Edigas standard is freely available on the EASEE-gas/Edigas website (www.edigas.org) under the Download area.

Where can I obtain Energy Identification Codes (EIC)?
As of the 1st of March 2013 the responsibility for the management of the Energy Identification Codes (EIC) as a Local Issuing Office LIO) for the gas market has been passed to Entsog (European Network Transmission System Operators for Gas). All requests for additions, modifications or deactivations of codes previously managed by EASEE-Gas/Edig@s can now be carried out via the Entsog website which is located at the following address: http://www.entsog.eu/.

Responsibility Easee-Gas security certificates
All questions relating to Easee-Gas security certificatesEasee-Gas security certificates or to the AS2 protocol are not within the responsibility of the Edig@s working group. Please refer to the EASEE-Gas website (http://www.easee-gas.eu) for information concerning these two points.