Update for REMIT package version 5.1

The Message Workflow Design Working Group of EASEE-gas in cooperation with ACER has released an updated version of the REMIT reporting package for Edig@s 5.1.

All changes are approved by ACER, and the package includes changes to the Gas Capacity Allocation schema, with the following amendments implemented:

  • Added ACE code for codingScheme for ACER assigned codes
  • Added more currency codes to be accepted
  • Added ZSH and ZUA as accepted Marked Roles
  • Added check that identifications for EIC and ACE codes are between 12 and 16 characters
  • Added transaction type codes (ZTA, ZTB, ZTC, ZTD, ZTE, ZTF, ZSP, ZSG) to be accepted
  • Added new attributes for transferPrice.formula
  • Amendments of definitions for Procedure types A01, A02, A03, A04 and added A05, A06 as accepted codes
  • Added 75G as accepted status code

The updated REMIT package can be found here

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