Correction to the balancing schemas

An error has been identified in the Balancing Agreement Document schema and has been rectified. Please download the file containing the Balancing document schemas for the revised document(1 XSD schemas Version

Management of Energy Identification Codes passed to Entsog

As of the 1st of March 2013 the responsibility for the management of the Energy Identification Codes (EIC) as a Local Issuing Office LIO) for the gas market has been passed to Entsog (European Network Transmission System Operators for Gas). All requests for additions, modifications or deactivations of codes previously managed by EASEE-Gas/Edig@s can now be carried out via the Entsog website which is located at the following address:

Added PDF: Corrigendum to Connection point

The number of characters possible for a Connection Point has been extended from a maximum of 16 characters to a maximum of 35 characters.

The PDF file can be found under:
Downloads – Message Implementation Guides – Version 4
Downloads – Message Implementation Guides – Version 5